Sketchy Sundays – 25th August 2013

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dudeAnd part 3 of ‘Who are you to God?’ (who-who-who-who) was I am a companion.  (Actually, it’s ‘Who am I to God’, but I prefer this way…)

Hence the sketch of what is basically the Buddy Christ from Dogma.  Cept in a T-shirt and jeans and with one enormous hand and one tiny.  Okay, so my proportions are off.  Sue me.

I have also written in big letters:  ‘We are not equals’ and ‘This is not a democracy’.

One thing that Brian (the pastor) said that I found really interesting though was that we are part of a rescue effort.  I loved that.  We are supposed to be a blessing to the people around us.  We are supposed to be who we were made to be and then help with the rescue effort.

I get so upset at Christians, far from being a help are a total hindrance, by focusing not on the needs of the people around them, but by becoming caught up in telling them what they’re doing wrong.

Newsflash: we are all fucked.  It’s only by God’s grace that we are saved.  Not by you refraining from sleeping with X,Y or Z or by you not swearing or not stealing or not cheating on your exams!

Anyway, seem to have strayed into preaching territory again.  The full sermon is here.

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