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Set of 4 paintings with wee hooses found in charity shop.Today I went shopping round all the charity shops in the west end with my lovely friend Lorna.  We pretty much exhausted them.  All of Dumbarton Road and then on to Byres Road.  Good times.  And I found these.

Yeah, I know.  More trees.

I think they’re brilliant.  The houses remind me of the film Paperhouse which I loved in the nineties (Young girl, ill at home.  Draws things that start to become real.  Big ol’ house).  Al was a little unconvinced, but hey!  The artist had for some reason glued pebbles on to the canvases,  which spoiled them to be honest.  Careful use of a craft knife and they’re gone.  I am now painting over the small gaps. (Okay, I admit my hand slipped on one of them and I put a hole in the canvas… Fixed as best I can)

No signature.  No idea who painted them.  But there’s Something About Them.  I lived in China for a while and all the foreign teachers had their scroll paintings of the four seasons bought from the night market in Chengdu. Maybe it’s that. But with added Paperhouse.

They were on sale in a charity shop in Partick and I got them for the price of £4.  Not each.  In total.  Made me sad that work (bad choice with pebbles notwithstanding) that is pleasing and has some merit (to me at least) was given to a charity shop and was sold on for next to nothing.

Admittedly, now that I’ve attacked them with a craft knife and patched with hastily applied acrylic, any worth they had might be somewhat dimished…

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